BCS 770 HY PowerSafe

New hydrostatic two-wheel tractor

BCS 770 HY PowerSafe

New hydrostatic two-wheel tractor BCS 770 HY Powersafe

BCS presents in 2018 its first two-wheel tractor with hydrostatic forward motion transmission that can be continuously adjusted with 2-speed ranges.

With one lever only on the handlebar, the operator can continuously vary the speed and direction of the machine: this means an unlimited amount of gears are available for all operating requirements.

The lever control ensures high operation comfort especially during greens maintenance, snow removal and typical municipality use, which involves many direction changes.

The compact hydrostatic pump-engine unit is made of a special light alloy so that the machine can be easily manoeuvred and positioned on the gearbox. Characterised by a high pressure circuit which is separate from the one of the PowerSafe® clutch, the machine is fitted with an axial-centrifugal fan to cool the hydrostatic unit.

Technical features :

  • Hydrostatic transmission with 2-speed ranges (slow/fast) in both forward and reverse drive. Mechanical control and neutral position provided for hand pushing.
  • Differential with lock.
  • PowerSafe clutch with multiple discs in oil bath.
  • Independent power take-off with engagement in oil bath.
  • Independent working brakes on the two wheels with cast iron drums.
  • Parking brake.
  • Handlebar mounted on silent-blocks, adjustable in height and sideways and reversible.
  • Safety devices complying with the applicable regulations.
  • Attachments: rotary hoe, ridger, plough, Groundblaster, cutter bar, lawn mower, heavy duty mower, BladeRunner, RollerBlade, snow blade and turbine snow thrower, sweeper, …

Speeds in km/h with wheels 5.0-10:

 Standard position“Mowing” position
 Fast0 – 6,4 km/h0 – 5,7 km/h
 Slow0 – 4,3 km/h0 – 3,9 km/h
 Fast0 – 5,7 km/h0 – 6,4 km/h
 Slow0 – 3,9 km/h0 – 4,3 km/h

BCS 770 HY PowerSafe