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Matra 300

Multi-functional greens maintenance machine - 31 HP

The Ma.Tra. 300 is a professional multi-functional greens maintenance machine with four-wheel drive which, besides being used as a heavy-duty mower, is designed to perform most urban maintenance tasks thanks to its compact size and limited turning radius.

The Ma.Tra. 300 has proven to be highly performing both in cleaning up rustic areas overrun with overgrown brambles, shrubs and brushwood, as well as on plots with normal lawns such as public flower beds and roadsides.

The Ma.Tra. 300 is fitted with a Yanmar 3-cylinder diesel engine with 31 HP and has a hydrostatic transmission with double pedal and two forward speed range, slow for mowing and fast for movement.


Model Fuel Power KW/HP No. of cylinders Displacement (cm3) Cooling
YANMAR 3TNV82 Diesel 22.8 / 31 3 1330 Water




The double pedal (forward/reverse) hydrostatic transmission on the Ma.Tra. 300 responds swiftly to the operator's commands, for maximum exploitation of the two forward speed range, slow for mowing (0 to 11.5 km/h) and fast for movement (0 to 23 km/h).

The 4-wheel drive makes it possible to work safely and with peace of mind even on slopes and uneven ground without ever losing grip. On the other hand, during movement, when the fast speed is selected, the rear-wheel drive is automatically disengaged.

The Ma.Tra. 300, in addition to traditional front and rear differential lock, implements a third central differential with torque splitter that eliminates any turf "scalping" damage when reversing and understeering, which is very common in a greens maintenance machine.

The PTO clutch is electro-hydraulic with automatic blade brake.


Driving position

driving position

Our designers have focused specifically on achieving driving comfort and ergonomically-designed controls, two features that are of vital importance for machines which, like the Ma.Tra. 300, are used for many hours in a row non-stop.

The adjustable spring seat, with armrests and a high back, designed in keeping with the adjustable steering column always put the operator at ease, regardless of his or her physique.

The steering wheel with hydroguide controls the rear wheels and ensures enhanced manoeuvrability and contained turning radius.


Active and passive safety

active and passive safety

The safety devices on the Ma.Tra. 300 include: ignition only when the driver is on-board, PTO disengaged and brake pedal pressed, automatic blade stop when PTO is disengaged, immediate engine stop when the driving position is abandoned.

Drum service brakes operate on the front wheels.

The Ma.Tra. 300 is equipped as standard with folding approved roll-bar, seat belts and lighting system approved for road traffic