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728 PowerSafe

The BCS 728 PowerSafe two-wheel tractor has a gearbox with 3 forward and 3 reverse speeds and a quick reverser to change the forwarding direction.

The handlebar is adjustable and reversible, and enables the machine to be used with both rear and front attachments.

You may choose from four types of gasoline engine: Honda GP160, 5 hp, Honda GX200, 7 hp, Honda GX270, 9 hp or Briggs&Stratton XR1450, 10 hp and a diesel engine: Kohler KD350, 7.5 hp.

A great variety of attachments is supplied with the 728 PowerSafe two-wheel tractor which, beside tilling soil, can be also used with extreme versatility for several maintenance and cultivation works.


Engine Fuel Starter Power HP
Honda GP160 Gasoline Recoil 5
Honda GX200 Gasoline Recoil 7
Honda GX270 Gasoline Recoil 9
Briggs&Stratton XR1450 Gasoline Recoil 10
Kohler KD350 Diesel Recoil 7,5


Dimensions and Weights

dimensions and weights

Width min / max (without attachment):
  • with wheels 4.00-8:  435 mm
  • with wheels 4.0-10:  466 / 538 mm
  • with wheels 6.5/80-12 and wheel spacers:  680 / 777 mm
  • with steel cage wheels Ø cm 43:  435 mm
Weight (without attachment):
  • with GP160 engine, wheels 4.00-8:  76 kg
  • with GX200 engine, wheels 4.00-8:  76 kg
  • with GX270 engine, wheels 4.0-10:  94 kg
  • with XR1450 engine, wheels 4.0-10:  94 kg
  • with KD350 engine, wheels 4.0-10:  106 kg


Technical features

  • No. of speeds FWD/REV: 3 + 3
  • Quick reverser: yes
  • Clutch: multi-disc in oil bath PowerSafe
  • Differential with lock: no
  • PTO: independent at 990 rpm with engagement in oil bath
  • Parking brake
  • Driving position with adjustable and 180° reversible handlebar mounted on shock absorbers to reduce vibrations
  • Graph of the speeds in km/h with 4.0-10 tyres





The PowerSafe hydraulic clutch ensures several advantages:
  • Performance and Reliability of a hydraulic clutch with no maintenance, even in heavy use with alternating movement tools (cutter bars) or in use at a high inertia level (lawn mower or heavy-duty mower).
  • Safety immediate machine stop due to an integrated automatic brake which stops both the machine and the attachment when releasing the handlebar.
  • Comfort with elimination of preliminary stages for engine starting which runs continuously even when the operator releases the handlebar.
  • Guarantee: the PowerSafe clutch unit has a 5-year extended guarantee.